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width: 1200ilość kolorów: 8

Very special offer: 8 col Schiavi gearless flexopress, in operation, interesting price

Special offer: Schiavi 8 colour GEARLESS flexopress with central drum
in operation
very good condition
quick sleeve change for both printing sleeves and anilox
web width 1250
print width 1200
Materials: LLDPE, LDPE, PET, BOPP, BOPA, metalised film, paper
automatic unwinder
max. diam. on unwinder 800 mm
inner diam: 76mm, 152 mm
automatic rewinder
max. diam. rewinder 800 mm
inner diam 76mm, 152 mm
2 BST web guides
Strong, construction: 100 mm thick frame of printing sections
central drum with diam 1800 mm, 
Hasteloy coated
automatic chiling of the central drum
8 printing sections with viscometers and electrical pumps with automatic dosing of solvents
very durable carbon rolls for sleeves
banana roller before the central drum ( for PET and CPP film)
BST VIDEO control:
with 3-chip system ( adapted for metalised films),
automatic register function,
typical printing errors tracking function,
BARCODE control function,
colour control function,
memorisation function,
machine stop for error detection function,
service modem
Drying: 7 drying sections, 2 fans, set of remote controlled valves, drying tunnel, constant / fluent regulation of temperatures and offan rotations
Operator's interface: control panel with touch screen for job change, print setting, machine diagnostics Simens
Jobs and print settings memorisation
3 keyboards ( pal-top) for print settings
Service modem
LEL System:
automatic, with heat recovery
semiautomatic with manual change
calibration unit
adapted for the work with oxidiser
machine switch off system in case when LEL is exceeded
Cooling/ heating system
Automatic central drum temperature maintaining system
additional automatic rollers temperature system
additional chiling units for electrical cabinets
EX system:
vacuum antyexplosion system
additional casings
additional lightning
spare parts
additional PLC panel
additional electronical and mecanical elements
approx. 144 sleeves
approx. 26 sleeve type aniloxes
Best regards